Monday, April 26, 2010

Popular Learn Spanish Books

Many people prefer to learn things on their own, they learn differently and reading a book that teaches them is often more educational for them than any classroom could be. If this is how you learn best and you want to learn Spanish you need to know which popular learn Spanish books you should find. Many of them can be found in the local library or your local bookstore.
One of the most popular learn Spanish books comes from the immensely popular Dummy Books Company. “Spanish for Dummies”, available on Amazon or the local bookstore is designed to help you teach yourself Spanish. In addition to teaching you words, this Dummy book also offers tips and word usage based on how the language is actually spoken, not just the technical use of the words.

“Learn a Language Books Spanish” are another series of self-learning books that progress in difficulty as they increase your Spanish vocabulary. These workbooks are excellent for beginners or students who are taking Spanish as their second language in school.
Many popular learn Spanish books include a CD-Rom that you can put in your computer and listen to as you follow along in the book. This allows you to be able to see the words you are learning as you listen to them being spoken. Any of the better and more popular Spanish books will include this essential component.

Another highly popular and often ranked among the top books for learning Spanish is Margaret Madrigal’s “Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish”. This book has been in publication since 1951 and remains a top pick for people looking for a book to help them learn Spanish. This one book has over 40 chapters and literally thousands of words, sentences and practical examples.

No matter how popular a learn Spanish book is you must utilize it and go through the entire book in order for it to be of any use. Work through the lessons and practice what you read. Doing so can help you take any learn Spanish book and make it work for you.

Basic Spanish Online Tips

There are many different ways to learn Spanish. You can take classes when they are offered in your community or at a local college, you can order audio courses and you can use online Spanish sites to either participate in a class or complete a study course in your own time. Some basic Spanish online tips will help get you started and on your way to conversing in Spanish.

You can start by using online tools to convert common words to Spanish. This will help familiarize you with words that are used on a daily basis and it lets you get a feel for what you will be learning in a full course. SpanishDict is a conversion web tool where you enter a word or phrase and choose to convert English to Spanish or vice versa. The resulting answer is given in audio and written form.

Another good tip is to choose to study one word per day. Learn to speak the work properly and how it is used in sentences. Many languages have different wordage uses and alter the formation of their sentences. Once you have a word committed to memory add another word and use them to make sentences. It is easy to find websites that offer audio and visual of Spanish words. You can even find websites that will send you a word of the day everyday to help you learn.

While you are online don’t forget to search You Tube for videos on learning Spanish and for Spanish speaking movies or news. It is sometimes easier to learn a language if you are watching and listening to it being spoken in conversation like you would hear in movies or news. If you find a movie you are already familiar with you can follow it in Spanish and be able to follow the Spanish words as they are being spoken.

Basic Spanish online tips can help you get started learning a new language without having to spend a fortune or go to the local college.
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips for Choosing Spanish Immersion Courses

If you would like to learn Spanish, the most effective way is to take a Spanish language immersion course. Not only will you be involved in traditional classroom learning, many schools require that you also live with a Spanish speaking family in order to have total exposure to the language throughout your stay. In this way you will be learning the language the natural way, living it every day from waking until sleep. There is a vast array of immersion language courses available, most in Spanish speaking countries but several programs can be found in the United States. To find the perfect program that best suits you, follow the following advice and tips.

If you would like to travel abroad for the Spanish immersion language course, one consideration may be expense. Look to Guatemala or Honduras for the least expensive courses as these countries are poorer and have a lower cost of living. Weekly costs here can be under $150 which includes 15 to 20 hours of individual instruction per week. Your stay will be in a modest home with a local family and expect classrooms to be rather old fashion and not equipped with the latest technology.

Quality of instruction may vary from school to school so be sure to research thoroughly on sites that have reviews from students who have studied at the schools you are considering. The most expensive courses are available in Spain or large colonial cities in Mexico, Venezuela and elsewhere. These courses may be specifically for businessmen, medical personnel or other professionals. Your stay may be in luxurious hotels or with a wealthy family. Classrooms and instruction will be of consistently higher quality. You may want to research local attractions before choosing a program. This will allow you to travel and experience more of the culture of the area. If you plan to take your children, find out of the program accommodates all ages.

Another consideration is whether you desire university credit for the course. There are numerous websites that can help you find the exact course that will fit your needs. There are many services located in the United States that can find a program that fits your needs and make the arrangements for you. You may find the additional expense, sometimes as low as $50, worth it as these service providers are fluent in the language and can help you with problems that may arise. By doing research and following these tips, you can be confident that your choice of a Spanish language immersion course will not only allow you to swiftly learn the language, but will be an experience of a lifetime.